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Uniview brings you the very latest and most beautiful visualization of real-time astronomy, planetary exploration, Earth sciences and neuroscience.

At its very core, the Uniview software is an interactive and intuitive computer platform designed for immersive live presentations and experiences.

Make the universe palpable

The Uniview software is designed for planetariums, dome theaters, science centers and large format cinemas, and widely recognized as the most accurate data visualization platform in the industry.

Powered by scientific databases from the finest scientific institutions, Uniview seamlessly takes your audience on visually striking journeys through huge distances and across any scale.

Uniview 3.0 – a new era for live presentations

Say hello to our most intelligent scientific visualization platform to date. With a beautiful new interface and improved panels presentation tool, Uniview 3.0 paves the way for a new era of live presentations. An era where everything is quick, easy and reliable.

Seamless for you. Unforgettable for your audience.

Preparing a live presentation has never been simpler. With the intuitive new interface, improved version of the panels live presentation tool and major enhancements for future development, you will have a seamless experience from start to finish.

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A powerful and intuitive new interface in 3.0

Give your audience an experience to talk about

With Uniview, you get an interactive and intuitive data visualization platform, designed for
immersive live presentations that will give your audience an experience they will never forget.

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Real-time astronomy, Earth sciences and neuroscience

Tour of the universe
With a proud legacy in the fulldome theater world, Uniview supports over 200 datasets. This includes datasets from the entire Digital Universe, a 3D atlas developed by the American Museum of Natural History’s Hayden Planetarium, which incorporates data from dozens of organizations worldwide. Digital Universe allows you to explore over 50 categories of scientific models, including all known objects in the solar system, Kepler candidates, star forming regions, star clusters, the local group, deep space objects, Sloan galaxies, and quasars to name a few.

Classic astronomy observation
Uniview simulates orbital motion with the same precision as NASA simulations for space missions. Day and night sky, celestial and galactic coordinate systems, meridian and ecliptic are just some features of our complete classical planetarium system. Uniview can automatically calculate and transition to events such as sunrise, sunset, solar noon and midnight. It can also automatically transition to and from any geographical location on the surface of the Earth or any other planet, to observe the sky from different locations.

Planetary exploration and Earth sciences
Uniview enables high resolution textures and terrain maps from a variety of NASA’s WMS servers. This allows you to follow the exploration of Mars and the Moon through high resolution texture maps from HiRISE and LRO, and engage your audience in the search for habitable planets. Uniview has access to a network of daily updated satellite imagery that can be integrated in a show at a minutes notice, directly to your dome. Through streaming of cloud-based data, you get access to daily updated satellite imagery, weather events, planetary and lunar exploration, and extrasolar planets. Uniview also supports the KML file format from the Google Earth community.

We are the only fulldome company in the world to offer Neurotours™, a live presentation featuring actual three-dimensional neuroscientific data from leading scientists. Neurotours™ gives your visitors the mind-blowing experience of wandering through neurons, climbing the surface facets of the cerebral cortex, and flying down into biological scales that span millions of times of magnification. The tour gives the audience an unprecedented view of our place in the universe, and in turn, where the universe is represented in our brain.

More features

Beyond Uniview’s visualization capabilities, we take every measure to develop technology for our theaters that empowers them to be creative with their space. Features that make presenter-led live shows easy, that interconnect a dome with other users and domes, that integrates all theater equipment in one theater control, and much more.

We want our tools to be easy and intuitive, while they ensure that your dome theater or planetarium stays relevant and has a distinct profile compared to competing venues.

We offers tools for:

  • Presentation and production
  • Fulldome media playback
  • Domecasting
  • Integrated theater control

… and much more.

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