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We design, build and develop astronomy tools and systems for planetariums, science centers, museums and educational institutions all over the world.

Get to know Sciss

Sciss is an international software company headquartered in Sweden, with clients and support extending across large parts of Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia. Our mission is to provide a complete range of products and services to you and your institution, and to help enlighten and inspire your audience with scientific visualization.

Our long-term success is built on a devoted and experienced team of experts that bring tangible gains for our clients. As a fast growing community, we have over 150 installations worldwide – including NASA, ESA, NOAA and leading planetariums like Hayden Planetarium in New York, Moscow Planetarium and California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

At Sciss, we embrace the digital revolution of planetariums and, in many cases, we are leading it.

How it all started

In 2003, Staffan Klashed, Per Hemmingsson and Martin Rasmusson completed their Master thesis at the American Museum of Natural History under the supervision of Professor Anders Ynnerman at Linköping University, and Carter Emmart, director of astrovisualization and one of the original museum team members on the NASA-funded Digital Galaxy Project.

The thesis project was to build an interactive visualization engine for the Hayden Planetarium dome, a project that would live on as Uniview. In 2004, the project team founded Sciss and set off on a journey to enlighten and inspire communities with accurate and breathtaking scientific visualizations through Uniview.