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The Colorspace theater is a carefully designed package of display systems, servers, theater control system and our award-winning Uniview fulldome software.

Turn the story you have
into the show everyone wants

Colorspace is all about immersive beauty and top quality in every detail. All components are
designed to amaze, built to last and created to make your everyday operations smooth.

Engineered for performance

Behind all our installations lie powerful technology and a careful design. We provide high quality systems with minimal maintenance and optimal ease of use. With professional grade hardware components across the entire solution, our systems are developed to optimize fidelity for your vision and budget – from day one and years to come.

Easy to manage and control

With an integrated theater control within your main interface, managing theater equipment is simple, intuitive and accessible in Uniview via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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Customize your space

Whether a planetarium, science center, museum or educational institution, we work
together to find the Colorspace solution that is right for your needs and objectives.

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Colorspace components

Every planetarium is a unique space with unique locations, audiences and objectives.
When we design a planetarium, we approach each with a fresh perspective. Our experienced
design and engineering team consider the region and its specific use case, along with universal
factors such as capacity, comfort and the immersive experience as a whole.

Colorspace™ Display Systems
All of our projector configurations are thoroughly tested and engineered to meet a variety of needs: big or small domes, 2D or 3D stereo and all types of content. Whether your focus is deep dark skies, colorful pre-rendered content, or more alternative planetarium presentations, we have a display system for you.

Dome screen with minimal visibility seams
Having a uniform surface without visible seams, paint splotches or other color variations is a must to achieve a uniform image. Our design team will help you select the right balance between projector performance characteristics, dome screen gain, aperture and tilt.

Integrated theater control
All of our configurations come with integrated theater control, the operator’s main interface for managing the general theater equipment. Simple, intuitive, and accessible in Uniview. Through simple clicks you can control projectors, doors and various lighting and audio devices.

Intuitive Uniview software
Uniview software is the beating heart of all of our configurations. Powered by scientific databases from the finest scientific institutions, Uniview brings you the very latest and most beautiful visualization of real-time astronomy, planetary exploration, Earth sciences and neuroscience. Developed in cooperation with our user community, Uniview’s toolbox is truly unique and tailored to support the presenter and operator in the smartest way possible. It ships with high-end presentation and production tools, media playback and much more.

Auto-alignment and blending
Using automated patterns, our camerabased alignment system calibrates geometry, blends and color. The whole operation is fully automated and done in a matter of minutes – and you don’t have to remove the optical blends.

Powerful server system
Our servers are designed and tested by us for optimal performance. As a Dell business partner, we can also offer worldwide delivery, quick on-site support, and 5-year server warranty as standard. Our efficient system designs make including spare servers an affordable option, minimizing any downtime from hardware failure.

Smooth and flexible lighting
All lighting, whether general illumination or special event lighting, is fully integrated and controlled through our theater control system.

Tailored interior and setting
We work with the best Scandinavian and international designers for seats, control desks, lecterns and all interior finishes in your theater. We can offer a varied scope of supply, from complete designs to supporting your architects with best practices.

Impressive audio system
In a dark and immersive setting, audio plays a critical role in maximizing the experience. With spatial audio software and a professional sound system, you will immerse audiences using all their senses. We employ a dedicated audio engineer, ensuring that our audio configurations are as immersive as the visuals.

Extensive fulldome show catalog
We distribute shows from the leading production houses around the world, providing the top end shows that are available on the market today.

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Hybrid configurations

In combination with our Colorspace display configurations, we offer opto-mechanical star projectors for all planetarium sizes and needs through our industry leading partners. Our hybrid systems are developed to provide automatic integration between your digital star field and the star projector.

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Professional support

All our installations are provided a professional, dedicated and single point-of-contact for all support issues. No matter where you’re located, you can rely on quick access to emergency visits when needed.

In order to prevent downtime and emergency issues, we offer service visits to keep your system at its very best. Through our global support network, we also provide emergency phone and remote support 24/7.

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