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Amigos – Inside the Human Body

Three children and a dog: Steven, mad about cinema, somewhat fearful, who has just arrived in the neighbourhood. Teresa, adventurous, conscientious about the environment and animal lover, she loves sport, for which her wheelchair is not an obstacle. Alex, shy, methodical and a science lover. And Cookies, an old stray dog who the group of friends immediately treat as one of their own. After a mysterious meeting that will unite them forever and with the help of a wonderful invention, ”The Virtual Reality Room”, thy will learn first hand about the incredible machine that is the human body. They will learn from the inside how the sense of sight works, about the brain, how our body is fed by oxygen, about the heart´s mechanics and our digestive system. They will also have to help the body to fight off an invader, Viron, who will try to provoke bad illnesses and finish them off as well.

Producer: 3Duno
Suitable for: Family audiences, school groups
Languages: English, Spanish
Release date: November 2014
Running time: 28 minutes


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