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Uniview Drop-In is a quick, easy and cost-effective installation package of servers and software that gives you full access to our Uniview software.

The solution is compatible with several different display systems, installed by us on-site and engineered to be as simple and smooth as possible.

Connect Uniview to your existing display system

If you want access to our Uniview software through your existing display system, Uniview Drop-In is all you need. The Uniview Drop-In package includes a complete server rack, with servers, power distribution, local UPS, video matrix, network infrastructure and audio interface.

Increase your system’s lifetime and reliability

With the addition of the extra server cluster you get in Uniview Drop-In, you minimize downtime in the event of computer failure while at the same time prolonging the lifetime of your existing display system. Everything is factory installed, configured and tested on-site by our engineers – giving you a fast, easy and extremely reliable system launch.

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Actualize immersive learning

Connect your existing display system to the most accurate and
beautiful data visualization platform in the planetarium industry.

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